No more plastic wrap or baggies needed. Wrap your sandwich up and keep it soft on the go. Also doubles as a plate/placemat! Also the perfect size to wrap a block of butter, leftover pizza, etc.)

Designer cotton outer, lined with food-safe waterproof ProCare fabric with hook and loop tab closure.

Measures 12" x 12" when opened.

Sandwich/Multi Wrap

  • With proper care you can reuse your Teebags sandwich wrap over and over again for years to come.

    Hand wash/wipe clean or machine wash warm water with a gentle detergent. 

    Hang to dry or tumble dry low and allow to go through a cool down cycle in the dryer at the end.  

    Please do not put in dishwasher, microwave, freezer, or oven.  

    Do not use bleach or solvents to wipe or clean.  

    The vinyl lining is certified free of lead & phthalates, BPA free, food-safe, and medical grade.


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