Cotton Fabric Face Mask, 2-ply. 
Includes a pocket for filter insert (something non-woven like a facial tissue). 
Stretchy 1/8" wide elastic goes around each ear and includes silicone toggles to adjust tightness. 
Fits tightly to the bridge of your nose with a small flat piece of alluminum wire which is sewn in.
Wash well (hand or machine) in hot soapy water before first wearing and after every use. Hang to dry. 
This is NOT N95 nor surgical grade.
For ages 3 to approximately 10. Infants (under 2) should not wear masks. 
(Filter suggestions: Facial Tissues, Shop Towels)

Kid's Cotton Face Mask (3-10 years)

PriceFrom C$8.00
  • Please be advised that this mask is “last resort” quality. This means it does not completely protect you from germs and viruses.  Please do not consider wearing it as a substitute for regularly hand washing and other preventative measures, such as physical distancing and not touching your face.  It may, however, help prevent droplet transmission from infected individuals, and may be better than no protection at all.

    Pocket Insert: you can insert a disposable non-woven filter such as a tissue. This filter is single-use and must be discarded after each use.

    Please wash the mask in hot soapy water before first use and after each use.